Whats up with that?

I am a huge shopoholic!

I admit it! I love to shop for clothing.  Ever since I was a kid I found joy in new items and would wear my new clothes the next day!  I was never one to wait! I wanted my schoolmates to see me in my new Guess jeans. 


Well things have changed because I am a bit "larger" and a bit  "wiser" - smile.

One thing that takes the "joy" out of my shopping is the separation of larger sizes from regular sizes.  Often times you have to go to a whole other section to find plus size clothing unless that store is a specialty store.  One weekend I was out looking for a dress for a summer wedding.  I love the clothing line "city chic" they have the most trendy, sexy dresses and only a few stores carry the brand- so I entered this huge retailer and of course the "Plus Size" department is on the 3rd floor next to the kitchen and house ware.  I noticed this before and it really makes me think.  WOW  are we not women?  Why cant my size 18 be after the size 16?  Why am I like petite woman separated apart from all the junior and misses? I dislike it so, I decided I would get my fashionistas opinion about it.  Even online, Its called "Specialty and Extended sizes."  Geez, this does nothing for me, but makes me feel excluded from the pleasure of shopping inside the regular women department.  I dont want to go to kitchenware or near the bed and bath section to shop.

Let me know your thoughts?