Our Story




After being in corporate America for over 16 years, One day I realized I was super uncomfortable in my clothing.  I do not like business attire!  I always felt bundled up! I wanted to dress business like, but still add my own style, plus comfort! 

After a few months of browsing thrift stores, I realized I had an eye for finding unique gently used items.  Once I started incorporating these treasures I found, I got lots of compliments from co-workers and friends.  This fueled my new hobby into a passion.  I started finding items for friends, I even set up my dining room like a retail store, so they would feel like they were actually in a boutique.   

I decide to turn my new hobby and passion into a business.  I realized they are millions of fashionistas like me, who enjoy looking good and creating luxury looks, but do not have luxury money :).

Louise & Julia was born!

I would search & share gently pre-loved regular and extended size clothing, while consigning accessory luxury items.  I have chic looks for the 9 to 5ers, the gym sisters and also for the soccer moms who day starts early and ends late. 

My company is named after my two heroes: My grandmothers: Mary Louise and Mary Julia.  On Sundays, these two fab dames would put on their Sunday best and look amazingly classy and powerful.  I wanted a store (online/future store front), that would represent their style.

 I encourage you all to connect and grow with me!  I look forward to power brunches, fab shoes shows, champagne sips and making new contacts- doing it all oh so classy and on a budget!


Always Arrive Fashionably Late!


Owner, L& J